DPA Test

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DPA Test

This tool is intended for debugging and testing of TR module applications communicating using IQRF DPA protocol.

The functionality is the same like in the Terminal mode. In addition there are fields for DPA packet header entering (NADR, PNUM, PCMD, HWPID).

The DPA Test can be used also for a communication with a DPA device in DPA Service Mode or DPA Peer-to-Peer using the CATS.



Terminal Mode

Switching among the Terminal, SPI Test and DPA Test modes.


Auto Repeat

Activates automatic sending of data in preselected period. The range depends on the communication channel.


1 - 36000 => 100 ms - 1 h

IQRF Cloud

1 - 36000 => 10 s - 100 h



By clicking the arrow control components for this function are shown.

When working with macros, it can be useful to lock the address NADR by clicking the lock icon, see the picture above. If NADR is locked its address stays unchanged when macros are selected. If unlocked, the NADR value is set according the macro selected.


By clicking the right mouse button to the NADR, PNUM, PCMD or HWPID entry field the Predefined Addresses, Predefined Peripherals, Predefined Commands or Predefined HWPIDs menu is shown. These menus offers items defined in the DPA specification and on the IQRF Repository.


oThe disabled HWPID menu item means that the manufacturer is registered but no its product is defined as a standardized.


By clicking the right mouse button to the PDATA entry field the menu is shown.

oClear   Ctrl+D

 Clears given data entry field.

oCut   Ctrl+X

 Removes selected data and puts it to the Windows clipboard.

oCopy   Ctrl+C

 Copies selected data to the Windows clipboard.

oPaste   Ctrl+V

 Puts data from the Windows clipboard.

oSelect All   Ctrl+A

 Selects (highlights) content of given data entry field.

oClear History

Clears history of recently sent packets.


Data can be selected (highlighted) also by a mouse.