IQRF Repository Support

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IQRF Repository Support

The IQRF IDE automatically downloads data (according to the setting) from the IQRF Repository to the local offline cache. This ensures the IQRF IDE can support all changes in the IQRF DPA framework and IQRF Standard specification. The actual status of the IQRF Repository local cache is indicated on the Status Bar.

IQRF Repository data used by IQRF IDE

oList of embedded DPA peripherals and commands.

oList of IQRF standard DPA peripherals and commands.

oList of standardized HWPIDs (manufacturer and product).

oList of Custom DPA Handlers for IQRF Standard products.

IQRF IDE tools using the IQRF Repository data

oTerminal / DPA Test

oTerminal Log

oPacket Inspector

oIQMESH Network Manager

oCATS / DPA Service Mode