Environment Options

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Environment Options


Show hints

To enable displaying helping hints.


Help Language

Help language selection - only English help available.



Check for IQRF IDE updates

When checked, checking of IQRF IDE update availability is enabled. Check is accomplished whenever IDE is invoked. This encouraging is repeated max. once a week only.


Check for IQRF News

When checked, checking of a new information (News) at www.iqrf.org is enabled. Check is accomplished whenever IDE is invoked but the message is issued only once until another News item is issued.


Clipboard Separator

Selection of the separator among columns of copied data to the Windows clipboard. Valid for:

oTerminal Log window

oDSM Scanner log

oWatch window

oGW Tool log

oDebug windows


IQMESH Network Manager

Log background DPA communication

Selection of logging level of background IQMESH Network Manager communication in the Terminal Log window.

oNone - No communication is logged.

oBasic - Communication without overhead packets is logged.

oAll - Complete communication is logged. Including overhead packets needed for the IQMESH Network Manager itself (e.g. to detect the Coordinator presence, OS version, etc.).