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Tools Menu

Options ...

Opens the Options window enabling IDE settings.


IQRF Device Manager   F9

Opens the communication devices manager window.


License Manager

Opens the License Manager window enabling importing and removing of IDE licenses.


USB Classes (if the CATS is connected this feature is disabled)


IQMESH Network Manager    Ctrl+Alt+N

Opens IQMESH Network Manager window with tool for IQMESH network management, visualization and testing.


CATS Service Tools


GW Tool   Ctrl+Alt+G

Opens configuration tool for IQRF gateways.


Clone MID Wizard   Ctrl+Alt+M

Opens a wizard for MID change of connected TR module. A MID change file (*.iqrfmid) is needed. The MID change file can be obtained from here.

Supports IQRF OS 3.06D - 3.08D.


Change IQRF OS Wizard

Opens a wizard for the IQRF OS change (upgrade/downgrade).


IQRF Code Tool   Ctrl+Alt+S

Opens a tool for encoding/decoding of the IQRF Code.


Windows Device Manager

Opens Windows Device Manager window.