Debug Window

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Debug Window

IQRF operating systems provides the debug() function (or macro breakpoint(number) can be used) to be placed wherever internal variables, internal EEPROM, registers or RAM content should be evaluated and displayed. An application uploaded into TR module (Upload) runs until the debug() function is encountered. Then the program is stopped and the TR module is switched to debug mode (it is indicated at the bottom status bar). IQRF IDE reads the data automatically and activates the Skip Breakpoint button.


To display the data, IQRF IDE uses the following tables:

Internal EEPROM

oUser Data

oApplication Info

User RAM

Buffer INFO

Buffef COM

Buffer RF

Buffer AUX



Managing tables

Table windows can be shown by View / Debug menu.

Cells with changed content (compared to previous debug displaying) are highlighted in red.

See the picture below for other table features.