DPA Test in DP2P mode

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DPA Test in DP2P mode

This mode of the DPA Test allows to send any DPA command to selected Nodes using the DPA Peer-to-Peer (DP2P) protocol.

The technical details how the DP2P works can be found here.

The communication displayed in the Terminal Log window is a communication between the IQRF IDE and CATS according to this example.

General DPA Test description.



Addressed Nodes

Node selection field. Addresses can be entered in this format. Nodes can be also selected using the Nodes Selection window by a click on the icon .

Handshake time

Specifies the timeslot length in 10 ms units for the DP2P Response Handshake. The value 0 (or 11) means that the default 110 ms timeslot length is used. The timeslot length shorter than the default (values 1 - 10) can cause DP2P malfunction.

Node TX Power

Tx power used to send DP2P Invite and DP2P Response by addressed Nodes.