Internal Editor

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Internal Editor


Limited functionality: read only mode, Breakpoints window supported.

Displays file_name.c and file_name.lst tabs of selected source file.



Icons on the left side of window.

o Breakpoint.

o Actual breakpoint the application is staying on.

o Breakpoint with automatic skipping active - Auto Skip feature.

o Breakpoint with the break condition - Hit Count feature.


Click the right mouse button in the window area to display menu.


Closes window of given file.

oRead Only

Activates/deactivates the Read Only mode (can not by deactivated yet).

oFile Properties

Displays window with file properties. This window enables setting of file attributes.

oOpen File Location

Opens file location in the Windows Explorer.

oShell Context Menu

Opens Windows Shell context menu.

oCopy Full Path/FileName

Copies full path and file name to the Windows clipboard.


Auto Skip

Activates / deactivates the Auto Skip feature.

Read Data

Activates / deactivates data reading (for Watch and debug tables) on break.

Condition ...

Not implemented yet.

Hit Count ...