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Project Menu

New Project   Shift+Ctrl+N

Open a dialog window to create a new project.


Open Project ...   Shift+Ctrl+O

Open an existing project.


Save Project   Shift+Ctrl+S

Save changes in current project. This item is active only if the project has been changed.


Save Project  As ...

Save current project with another name.


Close Project   Shift+Ctrl+C

Close current project.


Add Existing Item ...

Open a dialog Windows to include a new file to the project.


Remove Item

Remove selected file (C, HEX, IQRF) from the project. The item is active only if any file is selected.


Properties ...   Shift+Ctrl+I

Opens the Project Properties window enabling project settings.


Project to Archive ...


Create Desktop Shortcut

Create desktop shortcut with current project name. This project will automatically be opened in IQRF IDE by clicking this shortcut.


Remove Missing Files   Shift+Del

Remove all missing files (highlighted in red) from the project.


Clean Target   Ctrl+F10

Remove files (HEX, OCC, FCS, VAR, ASM, ERR, LST, CPR) corresponding to the selected C file from the project. Removing of HEX files can be disabled in the Project Options.


Build Target   F10

Compile selected C source file. The result is shown in Build window.


Build Target + Upload   Shift+F10

Compile selected source C file and perform Upload (according to the F5 selection). The Upload is performed only if no error is issued during compilation. If a warning is issued, the Upload performing depends on the Allow warnings on Upload setting in the Project Properties / Build window.


Recent Projects


Clear Recent History

Clear the history of last opened projects.