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CC5X C Compiler


Path to the compiler. Initial location is set automatically during IDE installation to enable access to free compiler version (which is a part of the installation).

oClick the icon to open the compiler User´s Guide.

oClick the icon to open the compiler web page.



Compiler options. See the compiler User's guide. Default factory settings can be restored by the Default button.

oClick the icon to open the compiler User´s Guide - chapter: Command Line Options (only if the Acrobat Reader is set as a default to open PDF files).


Build option consultant

If checked, monitors optimal CC5X option settings and generates warnings to the Build window.


Show Build Window

Select when the Build window should be displayed after compilation.



After an error only

After an error or a warning (recommended)


Warnings and errors are issued not only by the compiler but also by the IQRF IDE itself.


Build Target + Upload

Allow warnings on Upload

If active, the Build Target + Upload function performs Upload even if there is a warning issued during the compilation.


Pre-Build Step / Post-Build Step

Enter a command line or file to be executed before / after a build. If the exit code is not equal to zero the build process is interrupted. Possible terminal output is displayed in the Build - Info window.

Parameters generated by IQRF IDE



Full path to .c file selected in the Project window, e.g. C:\path\file.c


Full path to .c file without extension, e.g. C:\path\file


Full path to a directory with c. file, e.g. C:\path\


Only .c file, e.g. file.c


Only .c file name without extension, e.g. file


Selected TR module type, e.g. TR52D


Version of selected IQRF OS, e.g. 304


Version of selected DPA, e.g. 102


Full path to .xml file (TR configuration) selected in the Project window, e.g. C:\path\file.xml


Full path to .hex file selected in the Project window, e.g. C:\path\file.hex


Full paths to .iqrf files selected in the Project window. If there is more files selected the paths are separated by a semicolon. If no file is selected the parameter does not return any value. Example: C:\path\file_1.iqrf;C:\path\file_2.iqrf

The parameter must be enclosed in quotation marks if the path or file name contain a space e.g. "%p%".


Using of command

cmd /c command parameters


oCopy compiled file to C:\backup\ directory: cmd /c copy "%pfe%" C:\backup\

oList of commands in Build window: cmd /c Help

oList of parameters in Build window: cmd /?


Using of file

file parameters


oExecuting the post_build.bat file with parameters: post_build.bat %p% %f%

creates output directory

copies file.c to output directory

clears file.fcs and file.asm files


Content of post_build.bat file:

REM File path %1

REM File name %2

if not exist %1%output mkdir output


copy %FILE_NAME%.hex% output /Y