RF Scanner

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RF Scanner

RF Scanner is a service and debug tool to analyze RF signal. It allows to scan and monitor RF communication. General RF is detected, not only IQRF packets. This tool can be used e.g. to detect RF noise or find free channel during RF network installation. It is a simple tool, not precision measuring instrument. Scanning of one channel takes about 1 ms so short noise peaks can be missed if bigger amount of channels is scanned. Good approach would be to scan all channels for longer time e.g. 1 hour. Or to scan just the selected (working) channel + 2 adjacent channels on both sides (5 channels) for a few minutes.

The CATS with RF Scanner tool can be created on TR module with IQRF OS version 4.00D or higher.

This tool can be selected in the CATS Tools field on the Control tab.

Use the Run / Stop button on the control panel below to enable/disable the scanning.


Control panel