TR Configuration

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TR Configuration

Contains configuration files for TR module included in the project. Files can be encrypted - password protected (.xmlzip) or unprotected (.xml).


The list of configuration files can be expanded/collapsed by mouse doubleclick on TR Configuration. If no file is included the TR Configuration window is opened by this.


The checkbox in front of an icon indicates/sets selection for Upload by F5.


Click the right mouse button to the configuration file to open the menu.

oCommon items

oOpen   Ctrl+O

 Opens TR Configuration window.

oUpload   Shift+Ctrl+F5

 Uploads given TR configuration to the TR module.


Exports TR configuration to TRCFNG file.


Just one configuration file can be selected at the same time. This selected (highlighted) file can be uploaded into TR module.


Doubleclick on the confiruration file to open TR Configuration window.


Common project files options.