User Compatible Devices

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User Compatible Devices

By the procedure below it is possible to connect third party device to the IQRF IDE using the UDP communication channel.

Implement the UDP API protocol described e.g. in GW-ETH-02A User´s Guide (chapter: Application protocol for UDP channel).

oUse the GW_ADR value: 0x20

Add a device picture (150 x 150 pixels) in the PNG format to the IQRF IDE installation folder (...\IQRF IDE4\User\).

Add an information to the GW_user.xml file in the IQRF IDE installation folder (...\IQRF IDE4\Configuration\):

oUse a template: <GW Name="user-gw-name" Image="user-gw-picture.png" URL="" />

oSet the device name in the Name attribute.

oSet the picture file name (mentioned above) in the Image attribute.

oSet the device web page path in the URL attribute.

To establish connection with the device set the Mode to the User gateway option.

After the device connecting the IQRF IDE will use and display information from the GW_user.xml file.