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Release Date: 14.10.2013


Bug Fixed

A problem with IQRF file reading - an error in date and time conversion depending on regional Windows setup.

Not working Help when launched using the What is this? function on tabs Watch 2, 3 and 4.

Not working button Save Map in the IQMESH Network Manager window.

The sound disabling on RF programmer connecting did not work (Tools - Options - Sound - RF Programmer Alert).


Features Added

Remote bonding supported in IQMESH Network Manager.

Firmware update of IQRF USB devices supported.

IQMESH Network Manager - Table View - Supply Voltage is now displayed directly in Volts.

CK-USB-04A device supported.

The Watch window displays variables mapped in IQRF OS buffers.

Checkboxes for selecting of file types to be uploaded by F5 added into the Project window.

Possibility to include more files at the same time to the Project window.

By doubleclick on detected error or warning in the Build window the given location in the editor is displayed (only if the Notepad++ editor is used).

Possibility to cancel Upload by the Alt+X keys.

Extended functionality of the mouse wheel when selecting an item from a pull-down menu.