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Release Date: 23.4.2014


Bug Fixed

Incorrect zone number displaying in Table View of IQMESH Network Manager.

Not working sending of LED On/Off commands via popup menu on Coordinator in Map View of IQMESH Network Manager.


Features Added

IQRF OS 3.05D supported.

DPA v2.00 supported.

TR-72D module supported (beta).

GW-ETH-02 supported.

GW-WIFI-01 supported (beta).

Tested for WIN 8.1.

New version of CC5X compiler 3.5 FREE.

New version of plug-in RFPGM Standard v1.04.

IQMESH Network Manager

oDPA Enumaration added.

oTable View extended.

oNetworking data Backup / Restoration added.

oModule ID setting added.

CATS Service Tool added.

DPA version selection moved from DPA Test to Project window and Project Properties.

Terminal Macros

oTerminal Macro names extended to 100 characters.

oMacro hint shows whole name, data and confirmation state.

NAdr in Terminal DPA Test can be locked. Useful when working with macros.

Watch window

oWatch tab names extended to 30 characters.

oComment column extended to 50 characters.

Identification of HW type of connected TR module (valid for IQRF OS 3.05D or higher).

Link to Notepad++ added to Home window.

Help menu

oHot Keys item added.

oTips and Tricks item added.