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Release Date: 18.9.2013


Bug Fixed

Invalid Watchdog Timer Period in Watch window when "B" modules debugged.

Copy to clipboard in Terminal - Data to send does not work correctly if Use Numbers feature active.


Features Added

IQMESH Network Manager (non-beta version).

TR Configuration.

Command line option (-DIQRFOS=xxx) according to selected IQRF OS version added.

RF Programing Standard supported with parameters setting.

Sound indication when the RF programmer is connected.

Column Messages added in Build window

IQRF OS 3.04D supported.

TR-58D module supported.

GW-GSM-02 supported.

Clear History in Compiler Location popup menu added.

Clear History of sent packets in Terminal - Data to send popup menu added.

Terminal - Auto Repeat period setting changed from seconds to multiples of 100 ms.

List of MCU registers in Watch window extended.

Checkbox Confirmation added to Edit Macro window.