Upload Log Window

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Upload Log Window

Every successful TR module upload is logged here. The content of this window is automatically stored after every upload in file upload_log_<USB device ID>.txt in the directory specified in Log Directory. This function is intended as a data backup only, e.g. for possible system crash. The first upload performed after IQRF IDE invoking clears the existing file and replaces it by a new one (if IQRF USB device with the same <USB device ID> is used). For user saving of the log the Export function is available (see below).


To display menu, click the right mouse button in the window area.

oClear   Ctrl+D

 Clears all logs in the window.

oCopy   Ctrl+C

 Copies selected logs to the Windows clipboard.


 Not implemented yet.


 Exports content of the window to the TXT, HTML, CSV or XML file.

oSelect All   Ctrl+A

 Selects (highlights) all logs.


Text can be selected (highlighted) also by a mouse.