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Release Date: 26.10.2018


Bugs Fixed

IQMESH Network Manager:

oOTA update of IQRF Standard products: Impossible downgrade from newer Custom DPA Handler version (actually not released in the IQRF Repository yet) to the actual one (the latest in the IQRF Repository).

oRuntime error 2 message displayed if a Node who is parent of other Node was unbonded.

oIncorrect FRC response waiting time used for a FRC sent by the Perform Selected Operation button. This bug occurred under certain circumstances only and led to displaying the "DPA no response" message.

The Build window: An incorrect indication of the Custom DPA Handler flash memory occupancy for TR-7xD modules (except TR-72D and TR-75D).

Minor repairs and improvements.


Changes and Enhancements

IQRF OS 4.03D supported.

Device enumeration added to the CATS Service Tool - DPA Service Mode (for OS 4.03D and DPA 3.03 only).

IBK is displayed in the IQMESH Network Manager - Table View and CATS - DPA Service Mode - Device Info.

Possibility of text notes to terminal macros added.

All exports to graphical formats enhanced for EMF and GIF formats.

New version of compiler included: CC5X Version 3.7A FREE edition.

The Clean Target feature removes also CPR files and allows to disable removing HEX files using Project Options.

The Terminal Log window allows to delete selected records from the log.

The Skip Breakpoint feature renamed to Continue.

The connection to the IQRF Repository uses only SSL TLS1.2 due to the compatibility with planned termination of SSL TLS1.1 support on the server.

GW-GSM-02A FW 3.13 added to the IQRF Device Manager.

oA bug in the factory settings causing IQRF IDE incompatibility has been removed.

GW-USB-06 FW 1.08 added to the IQRF Device Manager.

oIQRF OS 4.03 supported.

CK-USB-04A FW 1.15 added to the IQRF Device Manager.

oIQRF OS 4.03 supported.


Features Added

IQRF Code Tool for encoding/decoding of the IQRF Code.

IQMESH Network Manager (for OS 4.03D and DPA 3.03 only):

oIQRF Smart Connect supported.

oThe Maintenance tab added offering services for IQMESH network maintenance.

oA Node MID check during the enumeration process.

oRepair MID in Coordinator item added to the popup menu on the Table View.

NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA editors supported.