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Release Date: 4.4.2018


Bugs Fixed

Terminal - DPA Test window did not allow to set PCMD higher than 0x3F.

Terminal Log window did not allow to open the Packet Inspector by double click on the last record in the log.

Limitation on the maximal number of characters in the Terminal - Data to send field did not work correctly in case of Use Numbers feature enabled.

Limitation on the maximal number of bytes in the Terminal - DPA Test - PDATA field and macros did not work correctly.

Minor repairs and improvements.


Changes and Enhancements

IQRF Repository options added in the Tools - Options menu.

MPLAB X supported as an external source code editor.

New version of compiler included: CC5X Version 3.6 FREE edition.

Copy packet to the Terminal as ASCII / HEX / DEC feature added to the packet popup menu in the Terminal Log window.

Default compiler build options changed from -a -bu -Q -Vn -cif -dc to -a -gb -GS -Vn -cif -dc -AH.

Data displaying (NADR and HWPID) in the Terminal - DPA Test macros changed from big-endian to little-endian.

All Terminal modes display number of entered / maximal number of characters.

TR Module Information window (Ctrl+M) displays IBK (Individual Bonding Key).

Build option consultant added in the Project Properties - Build window to monitor CC5X option settings.

The UDP communication channel timing optimized.


Features Added

IQRF Repository supported (beta):

oIQRF IDE displays the manufacturer and product name of IQRF Standard products according to the HWPID.

oIQRF IDE updates list of embedded and IQRF standard DPA peripherals and commands according to the actual specifications.

oIQMESH Network Manager allows to check availability of Custom DPA Handler updates for IQRF Standard products.

oIQMESH Network Manager allows the OTA update of Custom DPA handlers in IQRF Standard products.