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Release Date: 9.5.2017


Bugs Fixed

IQMESH Network Manager:

oIncorrect export of Table View columns: Discovered, Accessible.

oControl - TR Config:

Saving of configuration dialog opened from Source File - File made changes incorrectly in TR configuration file actually selected in the Project window.

Incorrect Copy/Paste functionality in the TR Configuration - Security window.


Changes and Enhancements

IQRF OS 3.09D supported. There is no sense to migrate from OS v3.08D to v3.09D unless the application should be operated in Israel. The only feature added in v3.09D is observing Israel local goverment restrictions. Moreover, OS downgrade from v3.09D is restricted as well.

GW-USB-06 FW 1.06 added to the IQRF Device Manager.

oUpload of user application in CDC IQRF USB mode supported.

GW-USB-05 FW 1.08 added to the IQRF Device Manager.

oBug fixed: Incorrect error answer for Data Send command.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 editor supported.


Features Added

TR module upload in USB CDC mode supported.