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Release Date: 13.3.2017


Bugs Fixed

IQMESH Netwok Manager - Control - Upload:

oUnreliable communication in LP mode via UDP and COM (protocol: IQRF CDC, DPA HDLC) communication channels.

oUnreliable communication with an IQMESH Coordinator using COM (protocol: DPA HDLC) communication channel.

IQMESH Netwok Manager - Control - TR Config:

oUpload of TR configuration incorrectly disabled for TR-5xD modules.

Exception thrown in Terminal - DPA Test when NADR in HEX format was locked while the Send Macro Directly option was checked.

Not working DEL key in all enter fields of the CATS tool.

Minor repairs and improvements.


Changes and Enhancements

IQRF OS 4.00D supported.

DPA 3.00 supported.

TR-77D supported (beta).

GW-USB-07 supported (beta)

Terminal Log window:

oNADR, PNUM and PCMD columns added.

oEnhanced color marking of DPA packets.

oResend and Copy to Terminal items added to the menu on selected packet.

Remove Node Address DPA command supported in the IQMESH Network Manager and the CATS Service Tools.

The Packet Inspector supports user defined peripherals of DPA protocol (only for DPA v3.00).

Hot keys for Quick device selection changed from Ctrl+Shift+F1(F2,F3) to Ctrl + 1(2,3).

Czech help removed.


Features Added

RF Scanner as a next tool of CATS Service Tools.

TR Configuration:

oSecurity tab added.

oPossibility to encrypt TR configuration file.

Possibility to upload encrypted - password protected (.xmlzip) TR configuration file to the TR module from the Project window.

Possibility to log background communication of the IQMESH Network Manager in the Terminal Log window. This feature can be enabled in Tools - Options - Environment Options setting.

Possibility to upload HEX or IQRF file by double click the file in the Project window.

Remove Missing Files item added to the Project menu and popup menus in the Project window.

TR Module Information window shows Original OS version and OS checksum.

Microsoft Visual Studio editor supported.