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Bug Fixed

Minor repairs and improvements.


Changes and enhancements

Licenced memory renamed to Extended memory (now available without any license).

Change IQRF OS Wizard allows to upgrade (DC)TR-5xD modules to the OS 3.07D build 0852.

GW-USB-06 fully supported.

CK-USB-04A FW 1.13 added to the IQRF Device Manager.

oFaster SPI for communication with TR-7xD modules.

Packet Inspector:

oPDATA subsection added to the Protocol - DPA section.

oOn double click or Enter key pressing to any Protocol section item the corresponding item in the Data section is highlighted and vice versa.


Features Added

Project to Archive feature allows to archive complete Project to a ZIP file.

SPI Speed selection for CK-USB-04A with FW 1.13 and higher.

Check for Update item added to the Help menu.