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Bug Fixed

Minor repairs and improvements.


Changes and enhancements

DPA v2.20 supported.

OS 3.07D supported.

TR-76D supported.

GW-USB-06 supported (beta).

Terminal - DPA Test available also in DPA service mode.

TR Module Reset hot key changed to "Ctrl+F2".

New version of compiler included: CC5X Version 3.5C FREE edition.

New version of CATS plug-in included: CATS v1.03.

oDSM channel setting for DPA v2.20.

Web page icons on Project Properties - TR Module and Build windows added.

F5 hotkey can be used also for Upload from opened TR Configuration window.

Project window:

oFolders supported in file sections.

oFile sorting.

oDirect file upload via the popup menu.

oDrag and Drop of folders with various files (C, HEX, IQRF, XML) from external applications.


Features Added

COM communication channel in IQRF Device Manager.

Change IQRF OS Wizard - allows to upgrade/downgrade OS in TR modules.

Alternative DSM channel (DPA Service Mode) for DPA v2.20.

Selection of separator between columns of copied data to the Windows clipboard.