What is the IQRF IDE?

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What is the IQRF IDE?

The IQRF IDE software is a project-oriented tool for efficient development, testing and management of IQRF applications.

This program offers:

Editing, compilation and upload of a user application into a TR module.

Debugging of a user application.

Testing and evaluation of an application using communication via SPI (Terminal).

Testing and evaluation of DPA applications.

IQMESH DPA network management, visualization and testing.

Automatic update from the IQRF Repository.

IQRF service tools - CATS.

Detailed checking and debugging of SPI communication.

Switching USB classes for IQRF USB devices.

IQRF Code generating.


Release Notes for given IQRF IDE version are available in the menu Help / Release Notes.

Release Notes contain important information:

What is new in given IQRF IDE version.

IQRF IDE history.

List of supported USB devices.

Installation / uninstallation notes.