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Values between system functions and application program are passed on via parameters. OS uses 3 parameters in total: param2 (1 B), param3 (2 B) and param4 (2 B). Their location in memory see the IQRF OS User’s guide [1], chapter RAM map. Individual functions have up to 3 parameters. Several functions use some of these params and W (PIC accumulator) to return output values. Note that they are valid until another function using the same parameter or the debug function is called by the user. Additionally, some functions use some params as work variables that is why their previous content can be destroyed.

Five stack levels are available to call all OS functions in subroutines.

Unless otherwise stated, OS functions run in OS foreground. Thus, the program continues not until the function is finished.

Several functions, e.g. startSPI or startDelay run in OS background. Thus, they are not blocking. The program execution continues immediately further and the user can check the result later on.

Abbreviations [C] and [N] may be used for the IQMESH Coordinator and Node throughout this document.