What's New in v4.58

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What's New in v4.58

Bug Fixed

The Clear All Bonds feature did not work if inconsistent data in the Coordinator was detected.

Minor repairs and improvements.


Changes and Enhancements

IQMESH Network Manager / AutoNetwork:

oThe network creation is optimized and faster for DPA 4.14 or higher.

oNew parameter Use optimized bonding for overlapped networks added. Applicable to DPA 4.14 or higher..

The CATS / DPA Service Mode:

oGUI slightly redesigned.

oDPA upload of connected device supported.

The order of uploaded files (F5 shortcut) changed to the following order: Plug-in, HEX file, TR Configuration.

The Ignore DPA Confirmation checkbox added to the Last Record feature in the Packet Inspector window.

The Auto Repeat feature in the Terminal window now sends the first packet immediately after activation (originally it was after the first time period has elapsed).

All Debug windows allow to copy their content to the Windows clipboard.