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Release Date: 22.1.2020


Bug Fixed

The Open Communication Log button in the Communication Log window was disabled in specific cases.

The Communication Log window shortened long texts in specific cases.

Minor repairs and improvements.


Changes and Enhancements

IQMESH Network Manager / AutoNetwork:

oNew parameter Skip Discovery in each wave added. It is useful when new Nodes do not route.

oThe Network size stop condition renamed/changed to the Number of total/new nodes.

oNew parameter Abort the AutoNetwork if too many Nodes were found added.

oThe Autonetwork algorithm improved.

IQMESH Network Manager / Table View:

oIndicates in yellow color that the IQRF OS is changed from the originally manufactured version (for DPA 4.12 or higher).

oAllows to read and display the originally manufactured IQRF OS version via popup menu on given device (for DPA 4.03 or higher).

oAllows to create a MID list file for the AutoNetwork bonding control from all Nodes in the table.

The Configure TR button added to the CATS / DPA Peer-to-Peer tool.

The CATS / DSM and DPA Peer-to-Peer modes shows the original IQRF OS version (for DPA 4.03 or higher).

The CATS cannot be created from a TR module with the IQRF OS version 4.xxD upgraded from the originally manufactured version 3.xxD.