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Release Date: 14.10.2019


Bug Fixed

The .iqrfmap file could not be imported to the IQMESH Network Manager in specific cases.

The UNDO (Ctrl+Z) command could cause IQRF IDE malfunction in specific cases. The UNDO command is blocked in this IQRF IDE version.

Minor repairs and improvements.


Changes and Enhancements

DPA 4.10 supported.

TR configuration / DPA:

oNew DPA Peer-to-Peer parameter enabling DPA Peer-to-Peer (DP2P) communication (for Nodes only with DPA 4.10 or higher).

oThe Allow peer-to-peer parameter renamed to the User peer-to-peer.

The Run All Steps button added to the IQMESH Network Manager / Upload tool to execute all 3 DPA upload steps on one click.

IQMESH Network Manager / AutoNetwork

oAt the end of the Autonetwork process all Nodes with universal address 0xFE are automatically unbonded.

oPossibility of MID and/or HWPID filtering added.

oOverlapping networks feature added.

The GUI of CATS Service Tools slightly redesigned.



Features Added

DPA Peer-to-Peer (DP2P) tool added to the CATS Service Tools.