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Release Date: 7.3.2019


Bugs Fixed

Incorrect enumeration of IQRF Standard peripherals in some specific peripheral combinations.

Incorrect export of IQMESH Network Manager - Table View.

The TR configuration upload using F5, Shift+Ctrl+G, Shift+Ctrl+F10 or file pop-up menu does not check valid RF band of uploaded TR module.

Minor repairs and improvements.


Changes and Enhancements

Connect only check box added in the CATS / DPA Service Mode window. Used to connect to the DSM with failing Custom DPA Handler. It only connects to the device without executing any further commands.

IQRF Standard Light supported in the Packet Inspector.

The waiting time for the DPA response in the IQMESH Network Manager prolonged from 200 ms to 500 ms.

The Test RF Signal feature (IQMESH Network Manager / Control / Maintenance) can be used also on the Coordinator.

IQRF IDE checks if the RF mode of DPA plug-in and Custom DPA Handler match.