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Release Date: 26.3.2015 Internal version


Bug Fixed

IQMESH Netrwork Manager: too short timeout for communication in LP mode with Nodes in zone 0.

Minor repairs and improvements.


Changes and enhancements

DPA v2.13 supported.

OS 3.07D supported (beta).

HEXCODES.H file added into CC5X installation folder.

Windows® XP no longer supported (not tested, support limited).

Windows® 10 supported (beta).

WinUSB CDC/Custom USB drivers.


Features Added

UDP communication channel in IQRF Device Manager.

Internal / External EEPROM verification during TR upload (for OS 3.07D and highers).

Import IQMESH Network Map from XML file. Usable also for non DPA applications (from OS 3.04D and highers).

IQRF WinUSB devices supported (beta).