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Release Date: 11.11.2014


Bug Fixed

Minor repairs and improvements.


Changes and enhancements

IQRF OS 3.06D supported.

DPA 2.10 supported.

TR-53D supported.

GW-GSM-02A supported (beta).

GW-ETH-02A supported (beta).

GW-WIFI-01 supported (beta).

USB Device Manager redesigned and renamed to IQRF Device Manager.

Delta Time column in Terminal Log window added.

FCC ID added to TR Module Information window.

Hot keys for desktop selection changed.


Features Added

Breakpoints window added.

GW Tool for GW-ETH-02x and GW-GSM-02A configuration.


oConnecting to DPA device with specific MID.

oScan of available DPA devices in DSM mode.

RFPGM Standard

oSystem packets supported.

oLow power mode supported.

External EEPROM upload supported.

Description tab in TR Configuration window added.

Quick Access feature for quick USB device selection.