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Release Date: 2.5.2013


Bug Fixed

Unhandled exceptions in function "Event on source file change" if the source file was placed in a network storage.

Status bar did not display TR module state in debugging mode.

Wrong displaying of characters '&', '<', '>' and '"' in the Terminal Log window.

Values of 32 bit variables greater than 80000000 were displayed as 0 when displayed in BIN format.


Features Added

Packet Inspector (non beta)

"What is this?" help

TR-56Dx modules supported

Data entering in SPI Test can be switched: hexadecimal / decimal

Project Properties - Build - Compiler - Location saves the history of compiler versions used

Possibility to export logs to XML

Item Clear all Macro Sets added to pop-up menu above macros

Check USB Device renamed to Indicate USB Device


In the Project window:

oImportant Files

oDrag and Drop for items in all sections

oOpen file location

oRemove All in popup menu Project

oDrag and Drop between Windows Explorer and the Project window (including multiple files to the Project at the same time is also possible)

oSetting of file attributes using pop-up menu of given file - File Properties item


Watch window:

oChanges in individual bits of values in BIN format highlighted in red.

oColumn width can be optimized by double click to the separating line between the columns.


DPA (Direct Peripheral Addressing) supported (beta version):

oTerminal Mode: DPA Test

oProject window - DPA configuration


Some other improvements