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Release Date: 19.10.2012


Bugs Fixed

In some circumstances, the Use Numbers function incorrectly displayed 4B numbers.

Values in Watch window stayed highlighted in red even not beeing changed on following reading.


Features Added

Upload with verification (see menu Project Properties - Device). For TR modules from OS 3.02D only.

Sound alerts (see menu Tools - Options - Sound Options).

Copy Value and Copy Row in Watch window (click on a Watch item by right mouse button).

Auto Skip Breakpoint With/Without Data Reading (see menu Debug).

Automated check for IQRF IDE upgrades and news on the IQRF website (see menu Tools - Options - Environment Options).

Terminal Log, Upload Log, Output and Build window can also be stored as the CSV file.

Export Macros and Import Macros (see menu File).

Build+Upload on Shift+F10.

Project Properties window.

oSettings relating to the Project are replaced from menu Tools - Options to the Project Properties window.

oTR module selection changed. Now this is selected through the Project Properties - Device window.

oPre-Build and Post-Build Step (see Project Properties - Build).

oPossibility to attach a text description to a Project (see Project Properties - File).

Known problem t120806_1_404 fixed. Now IQRF IDE supports communication with bufferCOM in full 64 B length.

Automatical installation of USB drivers (Custom and CDC classes) during IQRF IDE installation. For Windows® Vista and Windows 7 only.

IQRF OS 3.03D supported.

Tips and Tricks added to the Help.