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Release Date: 13.9.2012


Bugs Fixed

If compiled application code contained less than 9 instruction, no upload was performed.

If the Project contained no HEX file, IQRF file was not uploaded by the F5 key.

If Debug tables were configured to display values in decimal format, the details window (the right mouse button click on the table cell) showed incorrect values.


Features Added

OS 3.02D supported.

TR module selection modified. Not only TR module but also OS version is selected in the Project.

OS version check (selected in Project vs. connected TR module).

RF programmer (TR module with the RFPGM plug-in) detection. For TR modules from OS 3.02D only.

Check whether uploaded plug-in is intended for connected TR module. For plug-ins released after 10 Sep 2012 only.

Plug-in properties displaying. For plug-ins released after 10 Sep 2012 only.

W register added in the Watch window.

Values in Watch window are right justified.

Autosave of Upload Log window.